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94.5 Masters Milk Regatta

When Mullaloo SLSC put a shout out for anyone wanting to take part in this years Masters Milk Regatta...

01.12.2022 Events

When Mullaloo SLSC put a shout out for anyone wanting to take part in this years Masters Milk Carton Regatta, there were only 2 crazy members quick to respond……. Tanya Honor & Kay Smith!

Big thanks to Fiona Johnson who put the initial application on behalf of Mullaloo SLSC in. Fiona was unable to facilitate due to other commitments and then the call out went to our membership.

With initial struggles to get hold of Milk cartons, our Mullaloo Masters set up a planning committee to correspond with the bar opening on Sundays. Anyone going for a cheeky drink ended up on the planning committee. A few great ideas began to surface after a few Great Northerns! And before you know it, Dave Cronk had signed himself up as Chief Boat Builder.

We were all AMAZED at what Cronky had put together and proudly placed our Mullaloo Masters IRB Craft at the Regatta.

Over 5,000 people attended the Regatta at Hillarys on Saturday 26 November, 2022 to cheer on entrants who were racing each other on  crafts they had made out of Masters Milk Cartons. Thank you to our own cheer squad, as it was lovely to see so many Mullaloo Members come along and this really enhanced the fantastic community atmosphere.

There were some unique designs; an aeroplane, 6 seater minibus, pirate ship, motorbike, flintsones car to name a few.  We were starting to get a bit worried that our craft may not actually float after hearing that some of the milk crafts had used 48 silicone bottles to stick together!!    We had no idea we could use glue and were now praying that the duct tape was enough to hold our craft together.

Mix 94.5 were there broadcasting live, the music was pumping and the atmosphere was electric as we put our craft in the water and made our way to the start line. The horn sounded and we were off!

All the large style crafts were toppling over and falling apart whilst our little IRB and duct tape were going strong. Kay & Tanya were giggling their heads off as they paddled along and were blown away to make it past the finish line.

Cronky’s boat was built to high standard! One of very few that was left in perfect condition.

Thank you to everyone who helped out in particular – Marni Black, Gail Bennett, Janine Dohnt, Jenna, Amanda Davies, Paul B, Helen Gigney, Katrina West.