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A few documents are listed here, all other Club documents are available via your Members Area in the document library.

The 2023 Annual General Meeting was run on Friday 4 August. All Director roles have been filled.

Click on the link to download:

2022/23 Annual Report

2020-24 Mullaloo SLSC Strategic Plan


For all Club internal and external fundraising, the relevant application form will need to be completed and approved by the Club. Please click on the links below for forms and terms and conditions:

Fundraising Terms & Conditions

Complete the External Fundraising Form

Members wishing to conduct activities or events to promote or raise funds for external charities which will use the Club’s name, branding, goodwill, communication platforms, equipment or facilities must obtain approval from the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Complete the Internal Fundraising Form

Specific operational and competition groups in the Club are encouraged to undertake fundraising to support the Club in general and also their own operational group’s activities. For example, competition groups participating in inter-state campaigns raising funds to contribute to the cost of freight of equipment and travel costs for the entire group, such as the hire of vehicles.