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Surf Boats

If you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker, have a team spirit and are prepared for a great laugh along the way, then you’re going to fit in just fine with the Mullaloo boaties!

At Mullaloo, we have a range of surf boat squads to suit your standard, starting with our ‘Development Squad’, designed to instil good rowing technique, safe boat handling procedures and appropriate base level fitness and strength.

Mullaloo also offers high standard male and female boat rowing squads in youth, senior and masters categories (you must be 15 years or older to compete in a surf boat.) conducted by our expert sweeps/coaches who have competed and medalled at State and National level. These crews have access to our competition boats and equipment as well as proven training programs that incorporate specialist ‘ergo’, gym and boat components.

Contact Richard Calnon for more information.

The Race: Up to 7 boat crews stand in knee-deep water holding their boats about 23m apart (occasionally they have a dry start on the beach). After the starting signal, crews row around the assigned turning buoys positioned between 250m (sprint) to 370m (out to sea) from the start and return to the beach. The finish is determined by any part of the hull crossing the finish line from the seaward side, between the designated flags for standard finishes, or by one of the crew exiting the boat as it approaches the shoreline and runs to the designated flag holding it up in the air – for dry finish.

Age groups contested are Open, U23, U19, Reserves and Masters (over 30) with all having male and female categories.


Inclusion is an attitude – where people of all abilities feel welcome to play and belong to a community environment...

Woodside Nippers

Mullaloo, Woodside Nippers is open to children from the age of 5 through to 13 years old.


Our Youth members have Club Days – Sun­day morn­ings 9-11am and a great social network!