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Sponsor Spotlight: Betty’s Burgers

MSLSC is excited to welcome Betty's Burgers to their sponsor group.

16.11.2023 News

We’re delighted to welcome our newest sponsor, Betty’s Burgers to Mullaloo SLSC!

Betty’s Burgers is a classic burger shack, featuring fresh burgers made to order with all your favourite add-ons, sides, and drinks! Established in the coastal town of Noosa in 2014, Betty’s Burgers brings a beachside vibe to each restaurant and is dedicated to helping us spread our water safety message: Swim between the flags.

Betty’s is thrilled to have four restaurants in WA by the end of 2023. Currently, Betty’s Burgers has two restaurants locally in Perth — one at Forrest Chase in the CBD, and the other on Scarbrough’s Esplanade! Stay tuned for our upcoming initiatives with the Betty’s Burgers crew and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You can also download the Betty’s Burgers app, where you can pick up special perks and surprise freebies this summer!

Visit their website.

Betty’s Burgers are also our sponsor for Volunteer of the month and nominated members will be able to visit a local store and sample their menu!