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Random Acts of Kindness

Today I was the recipient of a simple act of kindness and it felt good.  You see, I’ve had a problem for a while which has really bothered me.  I’ve driven my family mad with it and my friends to distraction so much so that they are all likely to be as fed up of it as I am. 

23.02.2020 Member Wellbeing

Please, don’t get me wrong, I consider myself to be a lucky person surrounded by the love of a wonderful spouse, amazing children and great friends.  Yet, we all have our limits, so this act of kindness meant so much when I really needed it as if I’m honest; my problem is beginning to have an impact on my mental health.

Whilst I could talk about all the wonderful neurochemicals which surged through my synapses and changed my cognitive response to my problem, I won’t.  What I will tell you was what really happened.  Another person took time out of their day to come to my house, to sit down with me, to listen and to give me their time.  Basically, we connected.  I could tell this person had empathy for my circumstance which by the way in the whole scheme of things is really nothing yet to me it is and, as we spoke and listened to each other, my anxiety about the situation lessened and I began to accept the reality of where I was at.  I went from a place of distress and despair to a place of having a little bit of hope return.   My problem didn’t go away, it hadn’t changed but I now had hope that it might.  This person also gave my spouse a break from hearing about my frustration one more time and to be honest, I felt so much lighter.

So, whilst you think giving someone an hour of your day may not make a difference it really can.  When we take time to connect with another human to show them that we understand their situation and really be with them to listen, the change can be significant.  So many of us are turning to medications to fix our ailments and our distress when really all the tablets are doing is masking it.  Yes, for certain mental health conditions, there is no argument against the need for pharmacological treatments.  Yet for others, the treatment can be found in our communities in the connection and support of others, qualities and experiences which are demonstrated every day at our club for which we should all be very grateful for and proud of.  As I say, in the scope of world problems, my problem is a mere blip on the landscape, but to me it is significant.  So, to the kind person who gave up an hour of their Sunday for me, and to everyone else who demonstrated an act of random kindness this weekend, from Morgan Freeman and I, thank you.

Pam Bubrzycki