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Nipper States Challenge Accepted

Congratulations to all the Nippers, showing great tenacity in the challenging conditions that presented at the Nipper State Championships!

Mullaloo had 102 Nippers represent the Club and contributed to the over 4th position in the State – awesome effort everyone.

Special mention to our State Champions and Medallists:


Oliver Browne – U12 Male Surf Race

Oliver Browne – U12 Ironman

Harry Linehan – U12 Male Board Race

Toby Kimber – U11 Male Beach Flags

Katie Firth, Hazel Foley, Gracie Kendrick, Ava Millar – U11 Female Cameron Relay

Ellie Murphy – U10 Female 1km Run


Mariella Alsford – U13 Female Beach Flags

Oliver Browne, Patrick Campbell, Chris Jiang, Harry Linehan – U12 Male Cameron Relay

Liam Barrowclough – U11 Male Board Race

Liam Barrowclough, Benjamin Chadderton, Arthur Ketteringham, Kohen Prosper – U11 Male Cameron Relay

Liam Barrowclough, Benjamin Chadderton – U11 Male Board Rescue

Hazel Foley, Amelia Hill, Gabriella Jackson, Ava Millar – U11 Female Surf Team

Amelia Hill, Gabriella Jackson – U11 Female Board Rescue

Hazel Foley, Gabriella Jackson, Ava Millar – U11 Female Board Relay


Genevieve Crockett – U13 Female Beach Flags

Finn Barrett, Tadhg Barrowclough – U13 Male Board Rescue

Harry Linehan – U12 Ironman

Oliver Browne, Chris Jiang, Harry Linehan, Noah Pearson – U12 Male Surf Team

Alexis Harvey, Elizabeth Snyman – U12 Female Board Rescue

Liam Barrowclough – U11 Ironman

Kohen Prosper – U11 Male Beach Sprint

A massive shout out of thanks and appreciation to the Age Group Managers Drew Brown, Ryan Stephenson, Molly Bean, Stu Ketteringham, Sian Millar, Tanya Honor, Brenda Campbell, Jordin Barclay, Nicki Barrett, Sean Cavanagh and all their team for their support and guidance over the season culminating at these championships. Together with the additional training sessions, coaches and parent support – we can honestly say ensured our Nippers were prepared to the best of their abilities.

Event Support

Thanks Jacqui McGregor and Guy Edwards for all their assistance with the water arena set ups pre event and throughout. Thanks Cameron Rapley and Isaac Crothers for the short notice Sunday IRB call for assistance.

Craig Findlay covering First Aid on Friday.

Hats off to these brave and skilled members volunteering their time for Water Safety, be it thrashing through waves with a tube or punching waves in an IRB – Dave Chadderton, Clayton Millar, Richard Jones, Ethan Rapley, Cameron Rapley, Donnacha Murphy, Claudia Ketteringham, Lauchlan Bean, Belle McBennett, Phil Johnson, Ruby Smith, Eoghan Barrowclough, Isla Barclay, Matt Windle, Tom Linehan, Callum Foley, Les Crockett, Elaine McDonald, Annika Rasmussen and Dale Harrison.

Thanks to all the parents who assisted in transporting gear, kids, enthusiasm and encouragement – your support is testament to the abilities that your kids and our club thrive and prosper from.


Big thanks Vicki Rasmussen as the overall Deputy Referee for the Nipper Championships, some challenging decisions to make and be supported by throughout the three days of competition.

We are fortunate to have some awesome skilled officials at our Club, so thank you Marni Black, Annika Rasmussen, Dawn Jones, Jesper Rasmussen, Leah Dineen, Samantha Hill, Clare Ketteringham, Connor McComas, Jacqui McGregor and Guy Edwards.

Pack Up

Amidst a tireless weekend, thank you to everyone who helped pack up their areas and thank you Stuart Clarke, Isaac Crothers, Adam Sami, Jacqui McGregor, Rob McGregor who assisted with the overall event pack up on Sunday afternoon.


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