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Masters finish 2nd at Masters State Champs

Camaraderie and friendly rivalry abound as Mullaloo Masters finish 2nd at SunSmart Masters State Champs at Trigg!

08.03.2022 EventsSurf Sports

Mother nature turned on perfect conditions, with a small, clean wave and mild sunny conditions at Trigg beach for the Masters competition. Fun, friendship, participation and fierce competition prevailed. Many medals were won but it was the participation of each and every competitor that led to the accumulation of points for us to finish in 2nd place overall.

The competition ran smoothly and efficiently due to the efforts of the wonderful volunteers. From our club we wish to thank our officials: in the beach arena; Marni Black (awesome as always), Graham Deans (who multitasked and also competed), in the men’s water arena; Dawn Jones (who deserves a medal for officiating in the water for 4hrs) and Vicki and Jesper Rasmussen. Many thanks also to Stu Clarke and Sandy Clarke and Annika Rasmussen for event management. Thanks to our marvelous Surf Sports team of management Cameron Rapley, Troy Baird and Dawn Jones.

Heartfelt thanks to all the talented club coaches who volunteered their time, knowledge and skill to coach this unruly Masters group. Ski coaches include Brenton Rose, Nathan Vartesi, Amanda Lee and our very own Olympian Jaime Roberts. Board coaches include Troy Baird and Brenton Rose and swim coaches include Joanne Foulkes, Chiz Astone and Ed Neilan. Finally in the beach area special thanks from the beachies to Stu Ketteringham.

Thanks also Nathan and Lauren Vartesi for supplying competitors with delicious muffins and fruit! Finally thanks to all those involved in risk management and First Aid.

Now to the competitors…..

With no spectators allowed the Master’s group all rallied to support each other and a high level of camaraderie prevailed. At the start of the day Judith Harlow (who went on to achieve gold in flags) and Jennifer Gates ( who achieved 4th in flags) volunteered to forego their flags event to handle craft for teammates in the Ironwoman event! Luckily with all hands on deck they were not needed. Then later in the day the entire water group efficiently worked together to handle the double skis for quick changeovers. 

Beachies Results

What an inspirational group the Beachies are – they all achieved spectacular results. Of special mention are the new members to this group; Rohan Cox (who achieved 4th in the 2km beach run), Brenda Campbell (Gold in the 2km beach run), Patricia Butler, Donna Harris and Stu Ketteringham. Stu is the beachies amazing coach and just achieved his Bronze Medallion this season.

2km Beach Run

  • Brenda Campbell  – Gold (40-44)
  • Tanya Honor – Bronze (40-44)
  • Amanda Davies – Bronze (50-54)

1km Beach Run

  • Paul Bennett – Bronze (65-69)

Beach Flags

  • Tanya Honor – Silver (40-44)
  • Judith Harlow – Gold (55-59)
  • Helen Gigney – Silver (55-59)
  • Kay Smith – Gold (60-64)
  • Todd Bartle – Silver (50-54)

Beach Sprint

  • Tanya Honor – Bronze (40-44)
  • Alistair Cook – Gold (45-49)
  • Amanda Davies – Bronze (50-54)
  • Judith Harlow – Gold (55-59)
  • Helen Gigney – Silver (55-59)
  • Graham Deans – Silver (65-69)

Beach Relay

  • Todd Bartle/ Alistair Cook/ Stuart Ketteringham/ Conan Millar – Bronze (170+)
  • Amanda Davies/Helen Gigney/Judith Harlow/Tanya Honor – Gold (200+)
  • Kirsten Dobson/Jennifer Gates/Helen Grimes/Kay Smith – Bronze (200+)

Water Arenas

Surf excited most of the water competitors and as always provided excitement and an opportunity to test surf skills. This was demonstrated in the Men’s arena during the Ski Relay when the team of Jeff Baker/Rob Amos/ Rob Barton catapulted from 4th to 1st position in the final leg when Jeff dominated the surf. So many of the water competitors competed in multiple disciplines and events and all achieved amazing results. Special mention to all those competitors who competed in the Ironman/ Ironwoman event. You are all totally awesome.


  • Jeff Vidler – Gold (60-64)
  • Mike Bubrzycki – Bronze (60-64)
  • Emma Bamforth – Gold (45-49)
  • Nicole Jahn – Silver (50-54)
  • Pam Bubrzycki – Bronze (50-54)
  • Sarah Gregson – Bronze (50-54)
  • Jenny Orme – Gold (60-64)

Board Race

  • Jo Bean Hannigan – Bronze (40-44)
  • Sarah Gregson – Bronze (55-59)
  • Jenny Orme – Gold (60-64)
  • Jeff Vidler – Gold (60-64)
  • Paul Bennett – Silver (65-69)

Board Relay

  • Emma Bamforth/Pamela Bubrzycki/Nicole Jahn – Gold (150+)

Board Rescue

  • Emma Bamforth/Rachel Greene – Bronze (45-49)
  • Sarah Gregson/Jenni Wood – Bronze (50-54)
  • Rob Barton/Mike Bubrzycki – Bronze (55-59)
  • Paul Bennett/Jeff Vidler – Silver (60-64)
  • Tracey Bartlett/Jenny Orme – Gold (55-59)

Single Ski

  • Emma Bamforth – Silver (45-49)
  • Pam Bubrzycki – Gold (50-54)
  • Jenny Orme – Silver (60-64)
  • Jeff Vidler – Bronze (60-64)
  • Neil Forbes – Gold (65-69)
  • Paul Bennett – Silver (65-69)

Ski Relay

  • Louis Cheeseman/Mark Hopper/Nathan Vartesi – Silver (130+)
  • Pam Bubrzycki/Nicole Jahn/Jenny Orme – Gold (150+)
  • Emma Bamforth/Sarah Gregson/Jenni Wood – Silver (150+)
  • Jennifer Gates/Helen Grimes/Katrina West – Bronze (170+)
  • Rob Amos/Jeff Baker/Rob Barton – Gold (170+)
  • Troy Baird/Brenton Rose/Jeff Vidler – Silver (150+)

Double Ski

  • Emma Bamforth/Jenni Wood – Bronze (40-49)
  • Troy Baird/Brenton Rose – Bronze (40-49)
  • Troy Baird/Nicole Jahn – Gold (40-49)
  • Pam Bubrzycki/Jeff Vidler – Gold (50+)
  • Mark Hopper/Jeff Vidler – Bronze (50-59)
  • Jeff Baker/Paul Bennett – Bronze (60-69)

Surf Race

  • Rhys Puchar – Bronze (30-34)
  • Rachel Greene – Bronze (45-49)
  • Jenny Orme – Silver (60-64)
  • Jeff Vidler – Gold (60-64)
  • Mike Bubrzycki – Bronze (60-64)

Surf Teams

  • Nicole Barrett/Kirsten Dobson/Rachel Greene – Bronze (130+)
  • Troy Baird/Michael Bubrzycki/Jeff Vidler – Silver (150+)
  • Tracey Bartlett/Pam Bubrzycki/Jenny Orme – Gold (170+)

Taplin Relay

  • Jo Bean Harrigan/Kirsten Dobson/Jennifer Wood – Bronze (130+)
  • Emma Bamforth/Nicole Barrett/Pam Bubrzycki – Bronze (150+)
  • Tracey Bartlett/ Sarah Gregson/ Jenny Orme – Gold (170+)
  • Jeff Baker/Mike Bubrzycki/Garry Wood – Bronze (170+)

On a final note good luck to all the Senior, Nippers and Boaties competitors in your State Competitions!

Katrina West