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Members Celebrated at Annual Awards

The Club celebrated our Annual Awards Night in style, with the Club transformed into a delightful space by a horde of volunteers.

18.05.2022 EventsNews

Master of Ceremonies, Andy Jones conducted the evening for us with aplomb, helping us to acknowledge and appreciate the wonderful commitment of our members this year, as well as the contributions of our sponsors and VIP’s to the Club’s successes.

It was heartening to have so many members nominated by their peers for different Award categories, not all could be finalists or winners, but our sincere thanks go to each and every member who was nominated, contributing to the myriad operational areas of the Club.

We also celebrated the long-term commitment of several members to Surf Life Saving and Mullaloo who gained SLSA recognition.

A big thank you to all of those that registered to help with the setup and pack-up of the event, as well as all the others that pitched in on the day to help. The room looked fantastic!

Thanks also to Swell Mullaloo Beach for providing the delicious buffet for the event.


New Life Members

Greg Kelleher, Vivienne Greenfield, Sandy Clarke


National Medals

Nick Iellamo, Carlo Tenaglia


25 year National Patrol Service Awards

Greg Kelleher, Mark Hills


20 year National Patrol Service Award

Tony Greenfield


20 year Officiating Award

Guy Edwards


25 year Officiating Award

Alison Gerrard


Nipper Activities Volunteer of the Year

Winner: Brett Warner

Finalists: Nicki Barrett, Drew Brown, David Chadderton, Brett Warner

Nominees: Andrew Brown, David Chadderton, Holly Brown, Nicki Barrett, Jacqui McGregor, Edie Bushby, Sandy Clarke, Taylah Meikle, Brett Warner


Administrator of the Year

Winner: Cindy de Bomford

Finalists: Emma Bamforth, Cindy de Bomford, Dawn Jones

Nominees: Emma Bamforth, Cindy de Bomford, Dawn Jones


Trainer of the Year

Winner: Sandy Clarke

Nominees: Joanne Bean-Hannigan, Ayden Bartle, Sandy Clarke


Young Trainer of the Year

Winner: Ayden Bartle

Nominees: Ava Bushby, Ayden Bartle


Assessor of the Year

Winner: Guy Edwards

Nominees: Guy Edwards, Jacqui McGregor, Mark Hills


Competition Official of the Year

Winner: Marni Black

Nominees: Marni Black, Annika Rasmussen, Jesper Rasmussen, Vicki Rasmussen, Samantha Hill


Coach of the Year

Winner: Troy Baird

Finalists: Troy Baird, Louis Cheeseman, Stuart Clarke, Cameron Rapley, Brenton Rose

Nominees: Carlo Tenaglia, Cameron Sudintas, Brenton RoseStuart Clarke, Troy Baird, Cameron Rapley, Brett Warner, Louis Cheeseman, Jenni Wood, Nathan Vartesi


Team of the Year

Winner: Open Female Surf Team: Soraya Lee, Jenna Stummer, Katie Waddell, Rosie Wilson

Open Female Surf Team: Soraya Lee, Jenna Stummer, Katie Waddell, Rosie Wilson
Open Female Rescue Tube Rescue: Soraya Lee, Leah Martin, Neve MacLeod, Katie Waddell
Open Female IRB Team B: Rochelle Villemin and Sienna Liscombe
Open Female Taplin: Soraya Lee, Neve Macleod, Jaime Roberts
Open IRB Relay Team: Megan Bulley, Josh Bull, Aron Cook, Sean Coventry, Tay Hawke, Lachlan Halvorson, Aimee Honor, Will Ketteringham, Sienna Lipscombe, Sarah May, Ebony Millar, Jayden Millar, Andre Villemin, Rochelle Villemin, Saul Williams-Macri


Young Athlete of the Year

Winner: Eoghan Barrowclough

Nominees: Beth Bamforth, Eoghan Barrowclough, Emmerson Cheeseman, Jonathon Eady


Athlete of the Year

Winner: Jenna Stummer

Nominees: Mitchell Eady, Soraya Lee, Jenna Stummer, Rosie Wilson


IRB Lifesaver of the Year

Winner: Jacqui McGregor

Nominees: Ayden Bartle, Guy Edwards, Jacqui McGregor


Young Lifesaver of the Year – 15-25 yrs

Winner: Ethan Rapley

Nominees: Callum Foley, Liam Harris, Brodie Lee, Ethan Rapley


Lifesaver of the Year

Winner: Ava Bushby

Nominees: Peggy Bakalis, Ava Bushby, Jacqui McGregor


Patrol of the Year

Patrol Captain – Ava Bushby
Vice-Captain – Ellie Black
IRB Driver – Roger Gregson
IRB Driver – Jacqui McGregor
IRB Crew – Jamie Gilbert
IRB Crew – Andre Villemin
ART – Helen O’Brien
ART – Rebecca O’Malley
First Aid – Natalie Godwin
First Aid – Karen Pahlow
Surf Rescue Certificate – Liam Harris
Surf Rescue Certificate – Anthony O’Brien
Bronze Medallion – Ayden Bartle
Bronze Medallion – David Chadderton
Bronze Medallion – Alistair Cook
Bronze Medallion – Steve Dargie
Bronze Medallion – Phil Dee
Bronze Medallion – Neil Forbes
Bronze Medallion – Jessica Thorne
Bronze Medallion – Ethan Rapley
Bronze Medallion – Liam Rogers
Bronze Medallion – Michael Stone
Bronze Medallion – Carlo Tenaglia


Top 5 patrol hour (5 recipients)

Peggy Bakalis 109.50
Natalie Godwin 106.25
Jacqui McGregor 117.50
Carlo Tenaglia 98.25
Nathan Vartesi 82.50

Young Achiever of the Year

Winner: Jade Bamforth

Finalists: Jade Bamforth, Drew Brown, Liam Harris, Sophie Mills

Nominees: Ebony Millar, Liam Harris, Drew Brown, Holly Brown, Sophie Mills, Jade Bamforth


Presidents’ Award

Winner: Cindy de Bomford


Club Person of the Year

Winner: Cameron Rapley

Finalists: Jacqui McGregor, Cameron Rapley, Dawn Jones, Louis Cheeseman

Nominees: Dara Mills, Jacqui McGregor, Marni Black, Cameron Rapley, Natalie Godwin, Dawn Jones, Katrina West, Mike Gigney, Louis Cheeseman, Chrissie Payne