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Lifesaving Events

An important part of competition is the development of skills that will assist members while performing patrolling duties.

Competitions highlight the skills involved in rescue, resuscitation and first aid. Lifesaving competition events are described briefly in this section and in separate manuals and bulletins which may be issued from time to time.

If you are interested in competing in any of the Lifesaving competitive events listed, please contact our Competition Manager for further information.

Champion Lifesaver

Athletes demonstrate in a competitive manner the physical, lifesaving and knowledge skills required of a lifesaver. Credit is also given for lifesaving awards held.

It is determined on a point score basis, currently, the total maximum points are 130. The four sections that comprise the Champion Lifesaver event are:

  • Competition Events
  • Questionnaire
  • Resuscitation
  • Awards

First Aid Competition

This is a team event designed to promote and demonstrate a high standard of First Aid prowess by members. The competition is held with a simulated accident scenario and a set time limit for each team in the event. All teams receive the same scenario, where every effort is made to achieve realism with the scenario and in the presentation of casualties, giving the competitors the correct atmosphere by using casualty make-up, acting and staging.

Teams consist of two members from the same club. Team age groups:

  • Mixed gender, Open, u15, u19

Judging of the competition is through marking sheets, which are related to several sections of the scenario.

Patrol Competition

The aim of this event is to demonstrate how lifesavers work as a team in performing some or all of the skills associated with surf rescue patrol work. The Patrol Competition includes a number of physical, practical and theory tasks involving racing, rescue and/or first aid situations.

Rescue & Resuscitation

The Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R) competition provides the opportunity for members to demonstrate in a competitive manner some Rescue and Resuscitation methods. R&R combines marching and drills with teams judged against set criteria.

Age groups for this are:

  • 6 Person – Mixed open
  • 5 Person – Open Male, Open Female
  • 5 Person – Mixed gender, u15, u17, u19
  • 2 Person – Mixed gender, u11, u13

Competitors in the 2 person event draw a number to see who will perform the different roles (patient & rescuer).


Inclusion is an attitude – where people of all abilities feel welcome to play and belong to a community environment...

Woodside Nippers

Mullaloo, Woodside Nippers is open to children from the age of 5 through to 13 years old.


Our Youth members have Club Days – Sun­day morn­ings 9-11am and a great social network!