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IRB Racing

IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) competition aims to improve the skills and technique of IRB drivers and crew as well as allow crews to demonstrate their techniques and abilities to perform rescues.

If you are interested in participating in what is truly a fast and furious, adrenalin pumping sport, then please contact Laurie the IRB Racing Team Manager.

IRB Rescue – Single

Teams are comprised of one patient, one driver and one crew member. The patient is “rescued” from a designated buoy. The race has the driver and crew proceed through the surf to ‘rescue’ the patient, round the buoy and return to shore.

IRB Rescue – Tube Rescue

Teams are comprised of one patient, one driver, and one crew member. The race involves the driver taking the crew member out to a race buoy in the water. The patient is “rescued” by the crew member who must swim with a tube for part of the race. Then all return to shore in the IRB.

IRB Teams Rescue

Teams are comprised of one patient and two crews (one driver and one crew member per crew). The race has the first crew launch the IRB and proceed through the surf to ‘rescue’ one of the two patients in the water, then return them to shore. The crew and patient exit the IRB and the second crew member enters and they proceed through the surf to ‘rescue’ the second patient, then return them to shore to finish the race.

IRB Mass Rescue

Teams are comprised of one driver, one crewman and two patients. Both patients will be taken out to the buoy, where one will wait on either side of the buoy to be rescued. The crew heads out to sea, picks up their first patient and returns to shore. The driver and the patient exit the IRB and the patient retires to the beach. The IRB is re-launched and the crew proceeds to rescue the second patient and return them to shore.

IRB Relay

This event is a continuous relay involving the four events detailed above in the following order: Rescue Tube, Mass Rescue, Teams Rescue and Rescue. Each leg as per the individual event descriptions except for changeovers between legs. The finish follows the completion of the Rescue (fourth) leg of the race.


Inclusion is an attitude – where people of all abilities feel welcome to play and belong to a community environment...

Woodside Nippers

Mullaloo, Woodside Nippers is open to children from the age of 5 through to 13 years old.


Our Youth members have Club Days – Sun­day morn­ings 9-11am and a great social network!