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Board and Ski

The board and surf ski events are two examples of ‘craft’ surf lifesaving events.

These involve paddling a fibreglass board or ski from the beach, through the break and around a defined course (set by buoys) and back to the water’s edge to cross the finish line. Up to sixteen competitors or teams may compete in a single heat, with several heats, semi-finals and finals conducted during a carnival, depending on the number of entrants.

Whether for fitness or competition, there is always some training on all year round, view calendar for details.

There are many variations of board and ski events, these are briefly outlined below.

Board Race

This is an individual event where a competitor paddles a board around a course (distance is based on age group), from a standing start on the beach. The winner is the first competitor to cross the finish line with their board. Divisions include Male and Female in:

  • 250m – Open, u19, u17, Youth u15, Masters
  • 220m – Youth u14
  • 170m – Nippers u11, u12, u13
  • 100m – Nippers u9, u10

Board Relay

This is a team event of usually three paddlers each completing the board course (distance is based on age group). Each team member in the first and second legs of the relay tag the next person in their team. The final team member crosses the finish line. Divisions include Male and Female in:

  • 250m – Open, u19, u17, Youth u15, Masters
  • 220m – Youth u14
  • 170m – Nippers u11, u12, u13
  • 100m – Nippers u9, u10

Board Rescue

Each team consists of two members – one swimmer and one board paddler. The swimmer or ‘patient’ swims to a buoy where they raise their hand to signal to their board paddler team mate to enter the water and rescue them. The distance is approx. 120m. When the board paddler reaches their swimmer, the swimmer climbs onto the board and both competitors paddle the board back to the beach. Divisions include Male and Female in: Open, u19, u17; Youth u15, u14; Nippers u10, u11, u12, u13 and Masters categories.

Ski Race

Individual competitors paddle a ski around a course of at least 300m from knee-deep water. Double ski competitors paddle approximately 50m further. Divisions for the single and double ski include Mens and Womens in Open, U19, U17 and Masters. The double ski is also run as a mixed men and women event in the Open division. You must be 16 years of age or older to compete in ski events.

Ski Relay

A team of three paddlers complete the ski course of at least 300m each. The first and second leg competitors tag the next person on their team, with the third crossing the finish line. Divisions for the ski relay include Open, u19 and Masters. There is no double ski relay.

Cameron Relay

Teams of four competitors comprising of a board paddler, surf swimmer and two runners. The order of the water legs are drawn by ballot. The first competitor swims around the buoys and returns to shore where they tag the first runner. The first runner rounds turning flags and tags the next competitor who rounds the buoys (in the water) and tags the last runner. The last runner runs to the finish line. Divisions include male and female in: Nippers u9, u10, u11, u12 and u13.



This event trains lifesavers with the ultimate endurance ability. The Ironman and Ironwoman events are conducted over a course consisting of a swim, surf ski and surf board for age group u17, u19 and open and the ski leg is removed for Youth: u15, u14 and Nippers: u13, u12, u11, u10. The race concludes with a beach sprint to the finish line. The order of the disciplines may vary and is decided by draw prior to the event.

Taplin Relay

Teams of swimmers, board paddlers and ski paddlers, compete together as a team relay over an Ironman course. The order of the disciplines may vary and is decided by draw prior to the event. The Taplin Relay event may be conducted in three person (one swimmer, one surf board and one surf ski paddler), six person (two competitors for each water leg), or four person (one competitor per water leg plus a beach sprinter to complete the race) variations.

Lifesaver Relay

Teams of nine competitors including one surf boat crew, one swimmer, one surf board paddler, one surf ski paddler and one beach sprinter. The surf boat leg will always be the first leg as will the beach sprint always concluding the race. The order of the other legs is drawn by ballot. Each leg shall follow a course from the beach out to sea, rounding buoys and returning to tag the next leg competitors.


Inclusion is an attitude – where people of all abilities feel welcome to play and belong to a community environment...

Woodside Nippers

Mullaloo, Woodside Nippers is open to children from the age of 5 through to 13 years old.


Our Youth members have Club Days – Sun­day morn­ings 9-11am and a great social network!