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Challenging Conditions at the Scarboro IRB Racing Carnival

Our first competitive carnival at Scarboro was an eventful one. The surf was big and the shore dump was notoriously challenging.

08.09.2020 Surf Sports

Once again, the blue and gold was dominant, as a team saying we did well is an understatement. Our skills shone brightly with the highlight of the day being the fact that the male teams final consisted of 6 boats, 5 of those being Mullaloo. That’s an impressive show of teamwork, dedication and commitment by the boys.

In challenging conditions the girls did exceptional, stamping their authority on the competition across multiple events and making sure they were known.

The competition was tough,  the support was fantastic but an unfortunate incident was the main focal point cutting the day short of most final events.

Coach Cam Rapley’s take on the day:

“As a competitive team we were dominant. As a lifesaving club we were impressive to say the least.  The main focus going into the carnival was for the group to work together and concentrate on how we will succeed as a team. This was really important for our first competitive carnival as we have a lot of new teammates this season and integrating everyone in the team is only possible if we work as one. This was taken to the next level after an unfortunate incident with one of our teammates, which saw the team jump into action as lifesavers and show the very best of their lifesaving and professional skills. The care and execution of the skills we all learn within this club and the surf movement as lifesavers was on show and really consolidated the importance of our lifesaving and education programs. When really needed the true skills came through and they were nothing to do with competition. As a coach you are proud of your teams success. As a lifesaver, when the need arises you’re in awe of the skills and execution of the people around you in a real life emergency situation. Well done to all is just not enough.

A big thanks once again to our supporters, the officials, managers, coordinators and patient boat driver. We don’t get to do what we do without you all.

We now turn our focus to the Port Bouvard carnival on Sunday 20 September and look forward to putting our best forward at a beach that has never seen an IRB carnival before.”

Stay tuned & Go Mullaloo!

Chelsea Bull & Cam Rapley