Surf Boats

If you’re a bit of a thrill seek­er, have a team spir­it and are pre­pared for a great laugh along the way, then you’re going to fit in just fine with the Mul­laloo boat­ies!!!

At Mul­laloo, we have a range of surf boat squads to suit your stan­dard, start­ing with our ‘Devel­op­ment Squad’, designed to instill good row­ing tech­nique, safe boat han­dling pro­ce­dures and appro­pri­ate base lev­el fit­ness and strength.

Mul­laloo also offers high stan­dard male and female boat row­ing squads in youth, senior and mas­ters cat­e­gories (you must be 15 years or old­er to com­pete in a surf boat.) con­duct­ed by our expert sweeps/coaches who have com­pet­ed and medalled at State and Nation­al lev­el. These crews have access to our com­pe­ti­tion boats and equip­ment as well as proven train­ing pro­grams that incor­po­rate spe­cial­ist ‘ergo’, gym and boat com­po­nents.

Con­tact Mark our Boat Cap­tain for more infor­ma­tion.

The Race: Up to 6 boat crews stand in knee-deep water hold­ing their boats about 23m apart. After the start­ing sig­nal, crews row around the assigned turn­ing buoys posi­tioned approx­i­mate­ly 400m (out to sea) from the start and return to the beach. The fin­ish is deter­mined by any part of the hull cross­ing the fin­ish line from the sea­ward side, between the des­ig­nat­ed flags.

Age groups con­test­ed are Open, U23, U19, Reserves and Mas­ters with all hav­ing male and female cat­e­gories.