Run­ning is an excit­ing area of com­pe­ti­tion to get involved in and is also one of the basic surf life sav­ing skills.

Many great cham­pi­ons such as Jeff David­son, Jarred Moon and Aaron Brinkworth, to name but a few have had great suc­cess at both State and Nation­al lev­els. Their coach­ing and com­pe­ti­tion abil­i­ties have played a key role in devel­op­ing the squad over a num­ber of years.

Some of our mas­ter com­peti­tors often join the squad for train­ing and have also enjoyed great results at both Mas­ter States and Aussie Mas­ters com­pe­ti­tions and remain supreme­ly com­pet­i­tive across the age bands.

So come on down and have a go, see the club cal­en­dar for details of train­ing venues and times.

Beach Sprints

An indi­vid­ual event where com­peti­tors sprint along a beach ‘track’ (course is set up as lanes marked on flat, sandy part of beach) towards the fin­ish line. The track lengths vary depend­ing on the age of com­peti­tors:

  • 70 metres for Nip­pers u8 – u13, Youth u14 and Mas­ters
  • 90 metres for U15 – Open

1km/2km Beach Run

Com­peti­tors run on a sand course usu­al­ly bro­ken up in laps of 500m. Course lengths:

  • 1km – Nip­pers u11, u12,13, Mas­ters 60+
  • 2km – Youth u14, u15, u17, u19, Opens, Mas­ters 30–59 years.

Beach Relay

Teams of four mem­bers run in ‘shut­tle fash­ion’ using a piece of rub­ber hose (or sim­i­lar) as a baton, which is passed from mem­ber to mem­ber. The race is con­duct­ed over the same length course as the beach sprint, with the first team home with the baton declared the win­ner.

Beach Flags

In this event, com­peti­tors lie face down in the sand and – upon the whis­tle blast – jump to their feet, turn around and sprint before div­ing for a rub­ber baton (the ‘flag’) locat­ed in the sand. Speed, reac­tion and pow­er to weight ratio is a very impor­tant part of being suc­cess­ful in this event. Beach flags is a knock-out event, where­by there is always one baton less than com­peti­tors per heat. Each round, one per­son (some­times more) is elim­i­nat­ed with the last remain­ing per­son, declared the win­ner.

Track lengths for the beach flags vary depend­ing on the age of com­peti­tors:

  • 15 metres for Nip­pers u8 – u13, Youth u14 and Mas­ters
  • 20 metres for U15 – Open

March Past

March Past is one of Surf Life Saving’s orig­i­nal events and rep­re­sents the tra­di­tional dis­ci­pline of a surf life­saver. Teams of 12, march in time to music around a set course car­ry­ing a surf reel, line and belt and fol­low­ing their stan­dard (flag) bear­er. Teams march in for­ma­tion fol­low­ing com­mands and they are judged on fac­tors such tim­ing, arm and leg swing, space and dress­ing, body car­riage and pre­sen­ta­tion.