Life Members

Our club is proud of the many mem­bers in its his­to­ry who have con­tributed sig­nif­i­cant­ly and achieved great results. These mem­bers here are those whose asso­ci­a­tion with Mul­laloo has war­rant­ed Life Mem­ber­ship.

In order of attain­ment:


Edwin (Ted) Scott (dec.)
Pres­i­dent: 1964 – 1967. Ted intro­duced the Ted Scott Marathon in 1969 as a chal­lenge for the life­savers of the day. This annu­al event grew to become the pri­ma­ry beach/water event on the Club Cal­en­dar.
Ger­ald (Ger­ry) Hig­gins (dec.)
Pres­i­dent: 1967 – 1970; trea­sur­er 1970 – 1971 and 1972 – 1975.
Edwin (Jer­ry) Bridger (dec.)
Pres­i­dent: 1971 – 1973.
Jack Brody
Pres­i­dent: 1974 – 1976, sec­re­tary: 1971 – 1974.
Albert Fullar­ton
Joined on 01/05/1965. Pres­i­dent: 1977; chief instruc­tor: 1972 – 1973; junior offi­cer: 1975 – 1977.
Cecil (Cec) Ander­son (dec.)
Pres­i­dent: 1978 – 1981. Was a mem­ber of Z Force dur­ing the Sec­ond World War and spent a con­sid­er­able amount of time behind ene­my lines.
Antho­ny (Tony) Mar­tin (dec.)
Foun­da­tion club mem­ber; inau­gur­al pres­i­dent: 1961 – 1963. Life mem­ber of Scar­boro SLSC. Foun­da­tion and life mem­ber of Trigg Island SLSC.
Bri­an Mar­tin (dec.)
Joined on 01/09/1966. Pres­i­dent: 1982 – 1984; vice-pres­i­dent: 1980 – 1982; junior offi­cer: 1978 – 1981.
Kevin Pot­ter
Joined on 19/10/1972. Club Per­son of the Year sev­er­al times from 1973 to 1981. Trea­sur­er: 1973 – 1974 and 1976 – 1978. Club cap­tain: 1974 – 1975 and 1977 – 1981. Chief instruc­tor: 1976 – 1977. Sec­re­tary: 1982 – 1984 . Kevin was also a very good beach com­peti­tor when he was young and per­formed well in the beach flags.
Nance Ban­nis­ter
Joined on 29/11/1978. Sec­re­tary: 1984 – 1991.
Club Per­son of the Year: 1986. SLSWA direc­tor of juniors. Assist­ed in the run­ning of the Aus­tralian Junior Cham­pi­onships con­duct­ed at Mul­laloo SLSC in 1985. Nan­cy was also a tire­less work­er with the ladies’ aux­il­iary and organ­ised many social func­tions.
Peg David­son (dec.)
Joined on 01/05/1986. Assistant/minute sec­re­tary: 1985 – 1995. Reg­is­trar: 1999 – 2005. Administration/finance: 1991 – 2003 when a per­ma­nent staff mem­ber was employed. Remained an active mem­ber in 2011, when she was known as The Ora­cle. Club Per­son of the Year, 1994.
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Ray Moon
Joined on 10/12/1986. Junior offi­cer: 1988 – 1991. Direc­tor of mem­ber­ship: 1991 – 1992. Secretary/administrator: 1992 – 1994. Vice-pres­i­dent: 1998 – 1999. Direc­tor of com­pe­ti­tion: 1998 – 2000. SLSWA direc­tor of com­pe­ti­tion.
Edward (Ed) Neilan
Joined on 12/11/1976. Patrol Per­son of the Year: 1985. Club Per­son of the Year: 1988. Chief instruc­tor: 1985 – 1989. Beach cap­tain: 1989 – 1990. Vice – pres­i­dent: 1990 – 1991. Direc­tor of edu­ca­tion: 1991 – 1993. Held a range of posi­tions on the com­mit­tee pri­or to the restruc­ture in 1991.  Ed was also deeply involved in the cham­pi­on patrol and cham­pi­on first aid com­pe­ti­tions – with state and nation­al medals.
Patrick (Pat) Don­nel­ly
Joined on 01/09/1987. Pres­i­dent: 1992 – 1997. Vice-pres­i­dent: 1991 – 1992. Direc­tor of com­pe­ti­tion: 1991 – 1992. Direc­tor of mar­ket­ing: 1998 – 1999. Was active­ly involved in the Club’s man­age­ment restruc­ture and devel­op­ment of a busi­ness-like focus.
John Gilbody
Joined on 09/11/1979. Vice-pres­i­dent: 2000 – 2001. Chief instruc­tor: 1981 – 1982. Direc­tor of juniors: 2000 – 2002. Ded­i­cat­ed surf­boat mem­ber over the years. Held a range of posi­tions on the com­mit­tee pri­or to the restruc­ture in 1991; Chair of the life mem­ber­ship com­mit­tee for a num­ber of years.
Stephen (Steve) Dargie
Joined on 01/08/1973. Pres­i­dent: 2001 – 2005. Vice-pres­i­dent: 2000 – 2001. Chief instruc­tor: 1982 – 1983. Direc­tor of life­sav­ing ser­vices: 1993 – 1995. Direc­tor of mem­ber­ship: 2000 – 2001. Direc­tor of edu­ca­tion: 2006 – 2009. Held posi­tions with SLSWA includ­ing chair of the devel­op­ment com­mit­tee. Was
Life mem­ber, Steve Dargie con­tin­ued.
award­ed SLSWA Vol­un­teer of the Year in 2007. Was a mem­ber of the State com­mit­tee that restruc­tured SLSWA. Held a range of posi­tions on the Club com­mit­tee pri­or to the restruc­ture in 1991. Cur­rent chair of the life mem­ber­ship com­mit­tee. Longest serv­ing patrol cap­tain and patrolling mem­ber of the Club. A mem­ber of the board of man­age­ment from 1987 – 2009, a peri­od of 12 years.
Jeff David­son
Joined on 01/08/1982. Club Per­son of the Year: 1993. Vice-pres­i­dent: 2001 – 2004, and 2005 – 2006. Direc­tor of com­pe­ti­tion: 1992 – 1994, and 2000 – 2001. Direc­tor of mar­ket­ing: 2001 – 2006. Administrator/secretary: 2006 – 2007. SLSWA Awards of Excel­lence: Award­ed Coach of the Year: 2000; Mens Beach Relay Team of the Year: 2000; Induct­ed into the SLSWA Sport­ing Hall of Fame in 2004. West­ern Suns coach/captain. Mem­ber of the board of man­age­ment 1985 – 2007, a peri­od of 13 years.
Ray Carter
Joined on 01/10/1990. Vice – Pres­i­dent: 1997 – 1998. Patrol Per­son of the Year: 1994. Direc­tor of mem­ber­ship: 1992 – 1993. Direc­tor of edu­ca­tion: 1994 – 1995, and 2001 – 2002. Direc­tor of life­sav­ing ser­vices: 1995 – 1998. SLSWA Awards of Excel­lence: Exam­in­er of the Year: 2000 and 2001.
Dar­ryl Turn­er
Joined on 01/10/1991. Club Per­son of the Year: 1995. Direc­tor of edu­ca­tion: 1993 – 1994. Direc­tor of com­pe­ti­tion: 1994 – 1995, and 1996 – 1997. Revised the course for the Ted Scott Marathon and active in the growth and devel­op­ment of the Mul­laloo Mas­ters group. Dar­ryl was also a mem­ber of the Mul­laloo grey crew which won numer­ous state titles in surf boat row­ing.
Anne-Marie Wider­man­s­ki
Joined 01/09/1987. Patrol Per­son of the Year: 1993. Direc­tor of edu­ca­tion: 1995 – 1996. Group Cita­tion  –  Heroes of the Surf Award (joint­ly with Echo) on 15 June, 1997.  Club Per­son of the Year: 2003. Direc­tor of mem­ber­ship: 2003 – 2004. SLSWA President’s Award: 2006. SLSWA life mem­ber: 2008. SLSWA Awards of Excel­lence: Vol­un­teer of the Year 2000; Admin­is­tra­tor of the Year: 2007; Asses­sor of the Year: 2009; SLSWA President’s Award: 2009. SLSWA com­pe­ti­tion offi­cial for more than two decades from 1991. Held a range of posi­tions for many years with both SLSWA and SLSA.
David (Dave) Cronk
Joined on 29/09/1990. Direc­tor of house: 1993 – 1995; 2002 – 2004; 2005 – 2007. Direc­tor of mem­ber­ship: 1995 – 1996. SLSWA com­pe­ti­tion offi­cial (beach) for many years; SLSA Aus­tralian Cham­pi­onships offi­cial (beach & IRB). Patrol Per­son of the Year: 2010. Ever-ready bus dri­ver for the Bib­bul­mun Track and Cape to Cape trips. Trea­sur­er for the Club’s “After Aussies” trip to New Zealand. Was always avail­able with ham­mer, nails, drill or screw­driv­er for jobs need­ing to be done around the club.
God­frey Law­son
Joined on 01/09/1989. Long-serv­ing active patrolling mem­ber who was award­ed Patrol Per­son of the Year in 1999.  Involved with the edu­ca­tion sec­tion for many years as train­er and asses­sor.  Was always a will­ing vol­un­teer, espe­cial­ly at pro­fi­cien­cy time.
Ali­son Ger­rard (Nie­mann)
Joined on 17/09/1987. In the ear­ly stages Ali­son worked in the Club’s Gear Shop before the cur­rent build­ing was com­plet­ed. Ali­son also served as a key club com­pe­ti­tion offi­cial for many years  –  assist­ing with the con­duct and record­ing of the Club’s events. She was also an SLSWA Offi­cial for Inter­club and State Cham­pi­onships for many years, work­ing in water are­nas. .A qui­et stal­wart who con­tributed great­ly.
Bar­bara Carter
Joined on 01/10/1989. Direc­tor of edu­ca­tion: 1999 – 2001. Direc­tor of youth: 2004 – 2005. Direc­tor of life­sav­ing ser­vices: 2006 – 2010. SLSWA Awards of Excel­lence: Train­ing Offi­cer of the Year: 2001 and Life­saver of the Year: 2002. Held posi­tions with SLSWA and SLSA for some years, includ­ing a role as region­al train­ing con­sul­tant with respon­si­bil­i­ty for the over­sight of train­ing and assess­ment for four clubs, as well as an active mem­ber of the life­sav­ing pan­el. Bar­bara was also a sig­nif­i­cant con­trib­u­tor to the var­i­ous edi­tions of the SLSA Train­ing Man­u­al and First Aid Man­u­al.
Mark Hills
Imme­di­ate past pres­i­dent. Joined the Club in his youth, then left to pur­sue his career for a time before return­ing to the Club in the ear­ly 1990s. Active­ly involved in patrolling, train­ing and assess­ing, and more recent­ly, in com­pe­ti­tion at the Master’s lev­el. In 2011 he was the SLSWA train­ing con­sul­tant for the North Met­ro­pol­i­tan Region and a mem­ber of the SLSWA Life­sav­ing Pan­el for sev­er­al years. Also under­took the role of emer­gency response coor­di­na­tor for SLSWA State Cham­pi­onships in 2009. Award­ed the Inter­na­tion­al Train­ing Offi­cer Award by Inter­na­tion­al Life Sav­ing in 2009.
David Wil­son (dec.)
Joined on 01/10/1996. Long – serv­ing club mem­ber who com­menced patrols on gain­ing his Bronze Medal­lion in sea­son 1996/97. Active in mem­ber edu­ca­tion, espe­cial­ly with the Surf Res­cue Cer­tifi­cate (SRC) and adult SRC pro­grams in both the Club and local schools. Active Mas­ters com­peti­tor  –  not only in surf life­sav­ing, but also in triathlon. In 2011 he was serv­ing as the Club’s life­guard  liai­son  offi­cer.
Aman­da (Mandy) Lee
Joined in 1981 as one of only 7 girls in the u12s age group, Mandy has con­tributed as a com­peti­tor, board mem­ber, age group man­ag­er, coach, patrolling mem­ber and patrol cap­tain. Mandy has men­tored many young and … not so young mem­bers inspir­ing them to achieve at all lev­els. The reg­u­lar win­ter week­end train­ing has been a favourite in the Club cal­en­dar.
Valerie (Val) Ikin
Joined in 1981. Val played a major role with her ener­getic sup­port of the juniors/cadets and fundrais­ing activ­i­ties to assist with the clubs first tour to the SLSA Cham­pi­onships in Kur­rawa QLD in 1984. Between that time to when she left the club in 2003, Val had achieved many lev­els of suc­cess as a lev­el 1 & 2 coach and a com­pe­ti­tion offi­cial in the IRB rac­ing and beach events. This cul­mi­nat­ed with her role as State Beach Ref­er­ee for both Junior and Senior events. Val was award­ed the SLSWA Com­pe­ti­tion Offi­cial of the Year in 2001.
Mark Cleary
Joined in 1998 with his chil­dren. Mark has worn many hats all with the clear intent of mak­ing our club a bet­ter place. Age Group Man­ag­er and a Com­peti­tor in boats, belts and march­ing. A Team leader in the annu­al Youth Cape South West camp. Train­er, asses­sor, mem­ber of the Board of Man­age­ment as the Direc­tor of Edu­ca­tion and lat­er a Gen­er­al man­ag­er of Devel­op­ment. Mark is one of only a few indi­vid­u­als to hold an Inter­na­tion­al life­sav­ing award as a train­er and asses­sor. 
Mar­tin Kane
Joined in 1990 with his chil­dren. Was the Direc­tor of Finance for 5 years steer­ing the club through to becom­ing a finan­cial­ly viable enti­ty. Mas­ters com­peti­tor, keep­ing a keen edge on the ski events. A Board mem­ber of SLSWA and the Chair­man of the Finance com­mit­tee. Chair of the Strate­gic com­mit­tee for 2 years and the club trustee for 7 years. Worked with the reor­gan­i­sa­tion of the new con­sti­tu­tion and man­age­ment struc­ture. Is a recog­nised 25 year patrolling vol­un­teer. 
Guy Edwards
Joined in 1998 with his chil­dren. Guy’s jour­ney over the past 19 years has encom­passed many roles with­in the Club – Direc­tor of Finance, Gen­er­al Man­ag­er of Sup­port Ser­vices, Mem­ber of Risk and Gov­er­nance Com­mit­tee, Edu­ca­tion Asses­sor and Train­er, South West Youth Camp Leader, Beach sprint Coach for Juniors and Seniors, Com­pe­ti­tion Offi­cial, IRB Offi­cer, patrolling mem­ber to name a few. Life Mem­ber­ship is about spe­cial or dis­tin­guished ser­vice to the Club, so if you take the time to reflect on his per­son­al con­tri­bu­tion, then with­out his gen­eros­i­ty, the Club may well be in a dif­fer­ent place.
Kevin Fettes
Joined the Club in 1998 with his chil­dren. Kevin is the Patrol Cap­tain of Kir­ra and has active­ly patrolled since he gained his bronze medal­lion in 1999. 2019 marks his 20th con­sec­u­tive year of vol­un­teer patrol ser­vice.  Kevin has had many roles in the Club such as an Age Group Assis­tant and Man­ag­er (12 years), beach set up crew (16 years), junior com­mit­tee (4 years), vehi­cle offi­cer (14 years) and 4WD train­er (7 years). He was also award­ed Junior Activ­i­ties per­son of the year in 2007. Kevin has also become an inte­gral team mem­ber with the Bali­nese Life­guard train­ing pro­gram and has gained his Inter­na­tion­al Life Sav­ing (ILS) Train­ers and Asses­sors qual­i­fi­ca­tion.