Skills Maintenance Check

Mem­bers of surf life­sav­ing clubs, includ­ing Mul­laloo, are required to demon­strate their knowl­edge and skills are up to date, EVERY YEAR, to enable them to patrol as well as to com­pete in surf sports events.

Skills Main­te­nance was for­mally known as REQUAL or PROFICIENCY

Skills Maintenance Checks

  • “1.1 Mem­bers who are not pro­fi­cient as at Decem­ber 31st are not per­mit­ted to patrol, or com­pete in any SLSA com­pe­ti­tion, until they have obtained the required pro­fi­ciency.”
  • If a mem­ber remains non-pro­fi­cient in any award for a period of three (3) suc­ces­sive years, or more, are required to either sit an in-depth pro­fi­ciency, a full assess­ment, or be retrained in order to be con­sid­ered pro­fi­cient in the award.
  • Remem­ber: If a mem­ber has already com­pleted a skills main­te­nance that required Resus­ci­ta­tion to be assessed, i.e. Bronze Medal­lion, they are con­sid­ered to be pro­fi­cient in that sec­tion of other awards.
  • For the res­cue com­po­nent of the SRC, Bronze Medal­lion and Gold Medal­lion, the mem­ber may choose the res­cue equip­ment and should use swim fins if per­form­ing the tube res­cue
  • Require­ments for each award are reviewed and pub­lished by SLSA and SLSWA every year.

For more infor­ma­tion and resources, please refer to:

Skills Maintenance checks dates

  • Refer to Mem­ber Courses for upcom­ing dates
  • These ses­sions are typ­i­cally con­ducted from August to Decem­ber and con­ducted as sep­a­rate groups of:
    – SRC/BM, Spinal Man­age­ment and ARTC pro­fi­ciency
    – IRBD/IRBC pro­fi­ciency
    – Pain Man­age­ment