Senior First Aid

Apply (Senior) First Aid train­ing aims to develop the knowl­edge and skills for a per­son to man­age emer­gency First Aid sit­u­a­tions and com­pe­tently deliver emer­gency care until the arrival of pro­fes­sional med­ical sup­port.

At Mul­laloo, we are able to offer a range of dif­fer­ent Apply (Senior) First Aid course options:

Senior First Aid

  • Run in-house through the SLSWA Mem­ber Edu­ca­tion sec­tion
  • This Award is recog­nised within surf life sav­ing but, as it is not processed through SLSWA Com­mu­nity First Aid Train­ing, it does not hold units of com­pe­tency and may not be recog­nised in other work­places.

Apply (Senior) First Aid Cer­tifi­cate

  • This Award is recog­nised both within surf life sav­ing and in the broader work­place.
  • The Award is processed through SLSWA Com­mu­nity First Aid Train­ing and has Units of Com­pe­tency attached to it. 
  • Mul­laloo SLSC is able to offer the Apply (Senior) First Aid Cer­tifi­cate to cur­rent Bronze Medal­lion hold­ers at a reduced cost.

Course prerequisites

  • Finan­cial mem­ber of Mul­laloo Surf Life Sav­ing Club
  • Age at least 14 years on the date of final assess­ment

Course length

  • Full Course for cur­rently pro­fi­cient Bronze Medal­lion hold­ers – one day
  • Full Course for non-Bronze Medal­lion hold­ers – two days

Course outcomes

  • Apply the prin­ci­ples of First Aid
  • Recog­nise and man­age emer­gency sit­u­a­tions
  • Effec­tively per­form car­diopul­monary resus­ci­ta­tion (CPR)
  • Unpack and apply a defib­ril­la­tor
  • Treat of wounds, shock and sev­ere bleed­ing
  • Treat infec­tion, shock, frac­tures, bleed­ing, burns, sprains and strains
  • Safely and effec­tively man­age emer­gen­cies due to lack of oxy­gen, excess heat or cold
  • Recog­nise and man­age med­ical con­di­tions that may need emer­gency care, includ­ing heart attack, stroke, asthma, ana­phy­laxis, dia­betes and epilepsy
  • Man­age com­mon med­ical emer­gen­cies
  • Treat poi­son­ing, includ­ing ven­omous bites and stings
  • Per­form safe man­ual han­dling tech­niques


SLSWA uses dif­fer­ent resources from SLSA. Can­di­dates will be pro­vided with an Apply (Senior First Aid) Work­book to com­plete; this is a handy ref­er­ence guide to keep.


Assess­ment is through demon­stra­tion, pre­sen­ta­tion and appli­ca­tion of all ele­ments of com­pe­tency in the work­place. Par­tic­i­pants will be required to com­plete activ­i­ties that may include role-plays, oral and writ­ten ques­tion­ing, prac­ti­cal demon­stra­tions and per­form­ing sce­nar­ios.


Mem­bers are required to requal­ify this award annu­ally. Requal­i­fi­ca­tion takes around 2–3 hours to com­plete.

Course dates

  • View Mem­ber Courses for course dates.
  • This course is typ­i­cally con­ducted out of the Patrol Sea­son, i.e. between April and Octo­ber.

Course registration

Need more infor­ma­tion or would like to reg­is­ter your inter­est in this course, then please con­tact the Club office.