Are your awards up to date?

Surf life sav­ing club mem­bers are able to per­son­al­ly check their mem­ber­ship details, awards and patrol hours online. It is expect­ed that mem­bers will reg­u­lar­ly mon­i­tor their own records and take appro­pri­ate steps in good time to ensure the records are cur­rent, and awards remain up to date. To do this, fol­low the steps below:

Create an account:

  1. Go to mem­
  2. Click the Cre­ate Account tab.
  3. Fill in your details — there are hints at the link to assist you.
  4. Click on Cre­ate Account and fol­low the prompts.
  5. You will receive an e-mail/SMS request­ing you to acti­vate your account. Fol­low the link in that com­mu­ni­ca­tion to acti­vate your account. You will only need to do this once.

You have now cre­at­ed your account.  All future vis­its to the site require you to Log-In using your User Name and Pass­word. You may choose to save this.

Already have an account?

Click here to log in to your account

When you log in you will have a range of choic­es.  Options are shown in the top of the screen in the ban­ner line:

  1. Home
    This is the first land­ing page you will see when you log in. It has an overview of upcom­ing patrol, any expir­ing awards you may have and any pend­ing requests. You will also be able to ‘renew’ your mem­ber­ship from this page.
  2. Mem­ber­ships 
    1. Renew­al, Pay­ments & Trans­fers
      Has: your cur­rent mem­ber­ship sta­tus; able to renew your mem­ber­ship; start a join/transfer process on-line; make pay­ments for mem­ber­ship. Make a Pay­ment will take you to the Surf Life Sav­ing – Pay­ment Gate­way. Pay­ments are by cred­it card only.
    2. Fam­i­ly
      In this area you can CREATE a fam­i­ly Group, make changes to your exist­ing Fam­i­ly Group e.g. view your fam­i­ly mem­bers, add addi­tion­al mem­bers, renew or trans­fer mem­ber­ships.
    3. Awards
      View a list of awards you have reg­is­tered in Sur­f­Guard, as well as their expiry dates – where these apply. Awards which have expiry dates that have passed will be shown in red.
      Any queries can be addressed to
      Skills Main­te­nance (for­mer­ly requal­i­fi­ca­tion) dates for all awards are adver­tised reg­u­lar­ly via club e-mail and also appear in the club web­site and Cal­en­dar.
    4. Update Per­son­al Details
      This is the area where you update your per­son­al details, includ­ing phone number/s, e-mails and the like.
    5. Pend­ing Requests
      An area to view any pend­ing requests.
    6. Mem­bers Store
      An area with a link to Surf Life Sav­ing Aus­tralia mem­ber store.
  3. Patrols
    1. Patrol Ros­ter
      If you are a mem­ber of a par­tic­u­lar patrol team, your patrol ros­ter for the sea­son can be viewed here.
    2. Patrol Hours
      This is an impor­tant area for all patrolling mem­bers, includ­ing award hold­ers who pro­vide patrol ser­vices, such as Apply First Aid qual­i­fied peo­ple. Water Safe­ty hours are also record­ed in this area. It is impor­tant each mem­ber reg­u­lar­ly checks these records to ensure they are accu­rate. Please email the Man­ag­er of Life­sav­ing for fur­ther infor­ma­tion.
    3. Patrol Swap
      This is where you can view if you have request­ed a sub­sti­tute for your patrol.
  4. eLearn­ing – This sends you to the online Learn­ing area where all avail­able cours­es are acces­si­ble from.
  5. News and Events
    1. View News & Events
      Browse through Club, State and Nation­al Arti­cles, announce­ments includ­ing New, Jobs and Events.
    2. Cre­ate News & Events
      Cre­ate News and Events – any arti­cles or events cre­at­ed here will go to the Club’s Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Man­ag­er for approval to pub­lish.
    3. Man­age News & Events (Admin only)
      Fil­ter, reject, view news and events.
  6. Doc­u­ment Library
    1. Doc­u­ment Library
      A whole stack of SLSWA and SLSA resources from Bul­letins, Cir­cu­lars and Poli­cies to Train­ing and devel­op­ment resources. The Club will soon also have doc­u­ments made avail­able through here.
    2. Main­tain Doc­u­ments (Admin only)
      For Man­age­ment Use – where doc­u­ments are uploaded and main­tained.
  7. His­to­ry
    1. Mem­ber­ships
      A list of your pre­vi­ous sea­son his­to­ry in all clubs that you have belonged to.
    2. Trans­ac­tions
      A sum­ma­ry of your pre­vi­ous pay­ment trans­ac­tions that have been processed through the Surf Life Sav­ing Pay­ment Gate­way.
    3. Requests
      A sum­ma­ry of your pre­vi­ous requests that have been processed and com­ments if applic­a­ble.
  8. Forms – You are able to sub­mit var­i­ous ser­vice awards.

Question-mark Help (locat­ed at the top right of the screen) – An online help library with infor­ma­tion as well as IT Sup­port con­tact details.