Frequently Asked Questions

If your answers can’t be found in our 2019/20 Wood­side Nip­per Infor­ma­tion Guide, per­haps the below may assist?

Q: At what age can my child start nip­pers?

Chil­dren must be 5 years old by the end of Sep­tem­ber in the year in which they join. For the 2020/21 sea­son, the cut off is 30 Sep­tem­ber 2015.

SLSWA have pro­grams for 2–7 year olds some of which run at Mul­laloo Beach! — vis­it SLSWA

Q: Can my child join on their own?

Chil­dren can only join on their own once they reach the age of 14 (under 15 age group), up until then, any child must join with their par­ents under the fam­i­ly mem­ber­ship cat­e­go­ry.

Q: How much does mem­ber­ship cost?

Our cur­rent reg­is­tra­tion fee struc­ture is list­ed on our Mem­ber­ship page and is updat­ed annu­al­ly.

Q: What does my child need to bring with them?

  • Your Age Group Cap
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Speedo type bathers (no board shorts)
  • Sun­nies
  • Foamie board (Nip­pers – U8s through to U10s only)
  • Long Sleeve shirt/T-shirt
  • Gog­gles
  • WATER to drink
  • Sun­cream
  • Rash vest (hi-viz colour)
  • Tow­el
  • Par­ent or Guardian

Q: What type of board does my child need to have?

  • Under 6–7s – no board require­ment.
  • Under 8 to under 10 – Foam board / Soft Hard Board – CLUB WILL PROVIDE  (although if pre­ferred this can be pur­chased from the Club).
  • Under 11 to under 13 – Soft Hard Board / Epoxy Nip­per Board
  • Under 14s and up – Full size (Mal) board.

Q: Do I need to stay with my child?

Yes. One par­ent or guardian respon­si­ble for that child needs to remain on the beach with their child at all times.

Q: Do par­ents have to par­tic­i­pate?

It is not com­pul­so­ry but we do like par­ents to get involved. Par­ents are encour­aged to enroll for a course such as the Nip­per Res­cue Cer­tifi­cate and obtain the award which then allows them to car­ry out water safe­ty for the nip­per groups. After all, if we didn’t have the vol­un­teers to assist with these groups, then we wouldn’t be able to run them. The club is run almost sole­ly by vol­un­teers.

Q: What type of things do the nip­pers do?

At 9am on Sun­day morn­ings our 5–12 year old mem­bers gath­er on the beach at their respec­tive age group coloured flag where the Age Group Man­agers deliv­er a bal­anced mix of surf edu­ca­tion which includes surf sports skills. At Mul­laloo we not only encour­age the kids but pre­fer to involve the whole fam­ily in learn­ing to use our beach­es in a safe and envi­ron­men­tally respon­si­ble way.

Q: How do I join up?

You are able to join our Club online, please view instruc­tions at our Become a Mem­ber page.

Q: I’m not a mem­ber, can I hire out the club for a pri­vate func­tion?

Please con­tact our Club office to dis­cuss your options.

Q: Can I bring guests into the club on social nights?

Yes. Mem­bers are per­mit­ted to bring up to 5 guests each to the clubs social events and bar open­ing times.