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Postponed Special General Meeting

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

The Board of the Mul­laloo Surf Life Sav­ing Club wish­es to advise that the Spe­cial Gen­er­al Meet­ing due to be held on the 7 July at 4pm, has now been can­celled as per clause 23.3c of the Club’s con­sti­tu­tion.

A new Spe­cial Gen­er­al Meet­ing will be sched­uled for a lat­er date, to be advised after the AGM.

The Board has made the deci­sion in the best inter­ests of the mem­bers of the Club as it works through sev­er­al mat­ters advised on late by SLSWA and feed­back raised by mem­bers around changes to the Club pro­posed new con­sti­tu­tion.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, SLSWA lawyers have pro­vid­ed dif­fer­ing advice over the past 12 months up to as late as last week on the pro­posed con­sti­tu­tion­al amend­ments that will now need to be reviewed. In addi­tion, a num­ber of mem­bers have tak­en the time and effort to pro­vide feed­back (thank you to those) and have raised some per­ti­nent com­ments on the doc­u­ment that should be addressed and cor­rect­ed before being put back to the mem­bers. Each mem­ber who has pro­vid­ed feed­back will be con­tact­ed accord­ing­ly.

It is pro­posed con­sid­er­ing the SLSWA’s lat­est posi­tion and mem­ber feed­back that a new draft con­sti­tu­tion will be pre­pared for con­sul­ta­tion after the AGM and then a sub­se­quent Spe­cial Gen­er­al Meet­ing will be called.

On behalf of the Board, thank you.

Alis­tair Cook


Friday, January 11th, 2019

All Club mem­bers are encour­aged to review the Gym Mem­ber­ship Cat­e­gories below for clar­i­fi­ca­tion on who is allowed entry and use. Not com­ply­ing with these require­ments expos­es the Club, and the Mem­ber, should an injury/accident occur.

For clar­i­fi­ca­tion, Mem­bers are not allowed to bring friends or non-qual­i­fy­ing users into the gym.

Non-qual­i­fy­ing Gym users such as U14s (non BM hold­ers) are NOT to use the gym of their own accord. Non-qual­i­fy­ing Gym users are to only use the gym under the direct super­vi­sion of their coach for for­mal train­ing ses­sions.


The Mul­laloo Surf Life Sav­ing Club Gym­na­si­um is not a pub­lic facil­i­ty. Admis­sion is restrict­ed to those with per­mis­sion.

A – Active Finan­cial and Patrolling/Long Ser­vice (Access to gym in peak and non peak times)

S – Social Mem­ber (Hav­ing pur­chased gym mem­ber­ship, access to gym in non peak times only)

G – Guest (e.g. coach/trainer.  Access to gym requires autho­ri­sa­tion from Coach­ing Man­ag­er)

Peak Times – Peri­ods when the gym is like­ly to be in high­est demand, cur­rent­ly defined as week­days (Mon – Fri inclu­sive) from 5am – 8am and 4pm — 8pm

Non Peak Times – Peri­ods when the gym is like­ly to be in the least demand, cur­rent­ly at times oth­er than peak times.

An active (Full Mem­ber) is iden­ti­fied in the Club By laws as a mem­ber who is 15+ and holds one of the fol­low­ing awards:

  1. Bronze Medal­lion
  2. Senior First Aid
  3. Advanced Resus­ci­ta­tion Tech­niques
  4. Surf Res­cue Cer­tifi­cate