Small Contingent of Fearless Masters yield Awesome Results

Con­grat­u­la­tions to our Mighty Mul­laloo Mas­ters who fin­ished an over­all 2nd at the 2020 Sun­smart WA Mas­ters Cham­pi­onships at Den­mark. Sea­soned com­peti­tors encour­aged first timers in a spir­it of fun and cama­raderie. In the words of chief Mas­ters organ­is­er Jen­ny Orme “Con­grat­u­la­tions to our vir­gin Mas­ters who gave it a go and came away with a medal and a grin on their face.”

Spe­cial thanks to Jen­ny Orme who effi­cient­ly organ­ised com­peti­tors and teams with the invalu­able assis­tance of the expe­ri­enced and dili­gent Dawn Jones. Heart­felt thanks to team pho­tog­ra­ph­er Julia Greg­son – who cap­tured some incred­i­ble action shots.

Thanks also to Team Man­agers – Richard Orme, Jeff and Ali Bak­er and the amaz­ing offi­cials Jes­per and Anni­ka Ras­mussen, Corey Bar­tle and Sandy Clarke. Many thanks to the “Trail­er Boys” Bren­ton Rose and Troy Baird – who towed the gear trail­er and erect­ed tents before their com­pe­ti­tion. Also many thanks to rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the IRB crew – Julie and Cameron Rap­leyTodd and Glynne Bar­tle, Edgar Coel­lo, Clay Miller, Josh Bull and Aron Cook for help with set up.

Final­ly Jen­ny Orme wish­es to express her thanks to “coach of elite ath­letes – Nick Kane” and  sin­cere thanks to all our oth­er club coach­es.

Now to recap the incred­i­ble results……

Start­ing with the Women’s Indi­vid­ual Results:

Kay Smith 70+ 1 km beach run Gold
  70+ Beach Flags Bronze
Jen­ny Orme 60 – 64 sin­gle ski Gold
  60–64 board race Gold
  60–64 surf race Gold
  55–59Iironwoman Sil­ver
  60–64 1km beach race Sil­ver
Sarah Greg­son 50–54 Iron­woman Bronze
  50–54 Sin­gle Ski Sil­ver
Pam Bubrzy­c­ki 50–54 Iron­woman Sil­ver
  50–54 Sin­gle Ski Gold
Aman­da Davies 50–54 Beach Flags Sil­ver
  50–54 2km Beach Run Sil­ver
  50–54    Beach Sprints Bronze
Tanya Hon­or 40–44 Beach Flags Sil­ver
Helen Gigney 55–59 Beach Flags Bronze
  55–59 2km Beach Run Gold
  55–59 Beach Sprint Gold

Sarah Gregson’s high­light was the indi­vid­ual ski race where Pam fin­ished with Gold and Sarah with Sil­ver. Sarah said “waves were humungous and the fin­ish was absolute car­nage but Pam and I remem­bered our train­ing and retrieved our skis to fin­ish through the fin­ish line in con­trol of our craft”.

Women’s Team Events yield­ed more impres­sive results:

Pam Bubrzy­c­ki, Sarah Greg­son & Jen­ny Orme 150 min Taplin Relay (Dream Team) Gold
Pam Bubrzy­c­ki & Jen­ny Orme Female Dou­ble Ski Gold
Pam Bubrzy­c­ki, Jen­ny Orme & Sarah Greg­son 150+ Ski Relay Sil­ver
Aman­da Davies, Helen Gigney, Tanya Hon­or & Kay Smith 200 min Beach Relay Sil­ver

Equal­ly impres­sive Men’s Indi­vid­ual Results

Mike Bubrzy­c­ki 55–59 Surf Race Sil­ver
Paul Ben­nett 65–69 Sin­gle Ski Bronze
  1km Beach Run Sil­ver
Conan Mil­lar 35–39 Beach Flags Sil­ver
  35–39 Beach Sprints Sil­ver
Alis­tair Cook 45–49 Beach Flags Sil­ver
  45–49 Beach Sprint Gold
Todd Bar­tle 45–49 Beach Flags Gold
  45–49 Beach Sprint Bronze
Troy Baird 40–44 Surf Race Bronze
  40–44 Iron­man Sil­ver

 Men’s Team Event Results:

Troy Baird, Paul Brier­ley & Bren­ton Rose 110 Male Board Relay Bronze
Troy Baird, Paul Brier­ley, Bren­ton Rose 130 Sin­gle Ski Relay Sil­ver
Troy Baird Paul Brier­ley & Bren­ton Rose 110 Surf Race Sil­ver
Troy Baird, Paul Brier­ley, & Bren­ton Rose 130 Taplin Race Bronze
Robert Bar­ton, Paul Ben­nett & Mike Bubrzy­c­ki 170 min Ski Relay Bronze
Troy Baird & Bren­ton Rose 40–44 Board Res­cue Gold
Troy Barid & Bren­ton  Rose 40–44 Dou­ble Ski Sil­ver
Todd Bar­tle, Alis­tair Cook Conan Mil­lar & Paul Brier­ley 170 min Beach Relay Sil­ver

Final­ly last but def­i­nite­ly not least the fear­less Boat­ies Results:

Sun­day in the words of Sarah Greg­son brought with it “hor­ren­dous seas and surf con­di­tions and the Boat­ies com­pe­ti­tion was moved to Albany”. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the Bub­ble Wraps 180 male team of Stu­art Clarke, Mar­tin Fisk, Dun­can Com­mell, Trevor War­land and Sweep Stephen Part were knocked out of com­pe­ti­tion by cru­el seas and a mas­sive spill. All are bat­tered and bruised but ready to bat­tle Moth­er Nature anoth­er day.

Thank­ful­ly Moth­er Nature was kinder to the Women’s crew:

180 Female Surf Boat Team – Mul­laloo Mar­lins                                                                      Sil­ver

                                                  Sandy Clarke, Jude Har­low, Rachel Greene, Rachel Kre­mer               

Con­grat­u­la­tions to all involved. Whilst num­bers were few – enthu­si­asm and tenac­i­ty was bound­less!

Check out some of the action here!

Click here for full result list

Kat­ri­na West

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