Heathways Healthy Sporting Club Grant!

The Club has been award­ed a grant by Health­ways which will allow us to con­tin­ue to pro­mote mem­ber well­be­ing, both phys­i­cal and men­tal, through their Healthy Sport­ing Club Pro­gram.

We will con­tin­ue to spread key mes­sages around good nutri­tion, includ­ing the cre­ation of healthy food and drink guide­lines for the club and mem­ber edu­ca­tion arti­cles.

We encour­age all mem­bers to fuel up with healthy options such as fruit and veg, and to rehy­drate with water.  Don’t for­get we have a water bub­bler for fill­ing up your water bot­tles sit­u­at­ed in the Life Sav­ing Shed!

Keep an eye out for more ini­tia­tives around the club using the slo­gan “Fuel to Play and Go!”

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