Beachies News

Just like the weath­er, beachies train­ing is heat­ing up and num­bers con­tin­ue to increase at our train­ing ses­sions! Let’s keep the momen­tum going beachies!!!

For any­one who has missed it, this is the cur­rent train­ing sched­ule:

  • Mon­day 6–7pm — Grass sprint train­ing — Mul­laloo beach pri­ma­ry school (This ses­sion con­cen­trates on tech­nique, starts and rep­e­ti­tion sprints)
  • Wednes­day 6–7pm — Explo­sive Pow­er with Mar­tyn Pigg – Mul­laloo Beach. All fit­ness types wel­come.
  • Fri­day 5:30–6:30- Mul­laloo Beach — Flag / Sprint tech­nique, endurance and block starts.
  • Sun­day 8–9am — Flag / Sprint tech­nique — Mul­laloo Beach (This will be an occa­sion­al ses­sion, not nec­es­sar­i­ly every week so check the Mul­laloo beachies Face­book page)

For both the Mon­day and Sun­day tech­nique ses­sions we will have spe­cial­ist flag/sprint coach­es peri­od­i­cal­ly assist­ing us as the sea­son pro­gress­es.

All oth­er Beachies infor­ma­tion and train­ing updates can be found on Mul­laloo Beachies Face­book page.

Look­ing for­ward to see­ing you on the beach!!

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