Wrap up of the SunSmart Endurance State Champs

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We start­ed our long, excit­ing, thank­ful­ly sun­ny day with the 4km run. In the run, we had Hol­ly Brown (u/14) who came 1st in her age group, Sean McConnon (u/17) who came 2nd, Max Smith (u/17) 5th, Luke McCord (u/15) 3rd and Paul McConnon (45–54) in 2nd.

As we went on the day just kept get­ting warmer and our awe­some offi­cials were out there all morn­ing, we had Vic­ki and Jes­per Ras­mussen. Next, our nip­pers went out there with some of our oth­er com­peti­tors and had a crack in the 2km beach run, our lit­tle (and big­ger) super­stars includ­ed, Lach­lan Bean (u/13) came in 3rd, Mark Hop­per (55–64) 1st, Jaydn Swan (u/12) 3rd, Tom Line­han (u/12) 4th, Cal­lum Foley (u/12) 5th, Leah Dineen (u/13) 5th, James Eliot (u/13) 8th, Jenifer Mills (u/12) 7th and Joanne Bean-Han­ni­gan (35–44) 5th.

With the wind not pick­ing up as ear­ly as thought, the day kept mov­ing through smooth­ly and next, we had the 3km swim. From u/14s we had Hol­ly Brown in 7th and from u/15s we had Jen­na Stum­mer in 3rd, Leigh Kim­ber 10th, Jade Bam­forth 17th, and Luke McCord 7th. In u/17s we had Katie Wad­dell in 7th, Anni­ka Ras­mussen 11th and Mitchell Lee in 8th. Our opens includ­ed Soraya Lee in 1st and Har­ry Jones in 4th. We also had, Aman­da Lee (45–54) in 1st and Troy Baird (35–44) in 2nd.

We had the Nip­per Gold next and our amaz­ing Nip­pers gave it their absolute all, in u/13s we had Beth Bam­forth in 7th, Jess Kim­ber 11th, Emer­son Cheese­man 12th, Isla Bar­clay 14th, Brodie Lee in 3rd, Don­nacha Mur­phy 4th and James Eliot in 19th. The u/12s were up next and we had five boys out there in the mix, Tom Line­han in 3rd, Cal­lum Foley in 5th, Hud­son Baird in 11th, Jaydn Swan in 12th and Eoghan Bar­row­clough in 15th.

We then had one super­star go out for a mas­sive 9km ski pad­dle Soraya Lee (opens) who came in 2nd. At the same time, we had our awe­some 6km ski pad­dlers go off as well, we had Aman­da Lee (45–54) in 2nd, Sarah Greg­son (45–54) 5th, Jen­ni Wood (45–54) 6th, Neve McCloud (u/17) 3rd, Leah Mar­tin (u/17) 6th and Anni­ka Ras­mussen 11th, Mark Hop­per (55–64) 2nd, Robert Bar­ton (45–54) 4th, Troy Baird (35–44) 2nd and Max Smith (u/17) in 7th.

After those long and amaz­ing efforts, the day was fin­ished off with a 3km board pad­dle, we had Soraya Lee (opens) com­ing in 2nd , Neve Macleod (u/17) in 2nd, Leah Mar­tin (u/17) 6th, Katie Wad­dell (u/17) 9th, Anni­ka Ras­mussen (u/17) 10th, Aman­da Lee (45–54) 1st, Jen­na Stum­mer (u/15) 4th, Jade Bam­forth (u/15) 10th, Sarah Greg­son (45–54) 2nd, Hol­ly Brown (u/14) 14th, Joanne Bean-Han­ni­gan (35–44) 4th, Har­ry Jones (opens) 4th, Max Smith (u/17) 9th, Mitchel Lee (u/17) 10th, Troy Baird (35–44) 2nd and Luke McChord (u/15) 10th.

Mul­laloo had a won­der­ful­ly suc­cess­ful day, it was nice and warm, and we just missed the wind, thank you to all the com­peti­tors, water safe­ty and offi­cials. The new sea­son is about to start and we can’t wait to see you all out there again.

Anni­ka Ras­mussen


Mul­laloo had two surf boat crews entered into the Sun­Smart Endurance State Cham­pi­onships on Sat­ur­day 26 Octo­ber. The 7.5km course from Scar­bor­ough had a bit of swell run­ning (enough to get wet head­ing off the beach) but no help from the South West wind, which arrived only as the boats land­ed at Sor­ren­to.

The mens crew of Mul­laloo Bub­ble Wrap, swept by Steve Part (far right), with row­ers (from left) Stu­art Clarke, Trevor War­land, Mar­tin Fisk and Dun­can Gem­mell, won Sil­ver in the 160+ years Mas­ters and bronze in the Open Mens cat­e­gories.

The wom­ens crew of Mul­laloo Jenk­ins, swept by Richard Cal­non, with row­ers (from left) Rachel Kre­mer, Dara Mills, Jo Waller and Maren Scriv­en, won bronze in the 160+ years Mas­ters cat­e­go­ry.

Stu Clarke

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