Big shout out to ISUZU UTE Wanneroo

On Sun­day 13 Octo­ber in a con­voy of 4 wheel dri­ves, myself and 11 oth­er enthu­si­as­tic club mem­bers depart­ed from the club at 6am for a day of fun, sun and 4 wheel dri­ving at Lancelin.  A lit­tle over an hour lat­er, we arrived.  First point of call was the bak­ery for brekky and cof­fee then onto our induc­tion.  David and Rose Wil­son (who ran this course) greet­ed us and the induc­tion began.  About an hour lat­er after tyre pres­sure was let down radios installed, we were off.  The fun was about to begin!!!  As we entered the beach, David explained to each of us via the radios what he want­ed us to do and how.  We were off the fun was begin­ning.  One by one we start­ed.  We were half way down the beach when all of a sud­den we came to a halt.  Some­one had got­ten bogged and I wasn’t the first one to do this as I thought I would be.  Rose came back to tow them out but as soon as this was done, anoth­er 4 wheel dri­ve need­ed assis­tance (not from our group).  We con­tin­ued on our way with each per­son in the vehi­cles tak­ing turns hav­ing a go.

On the way back it was my turn.  As my co-dri­ver had gone with Rose, David became my pas­sen­ger.  With his guid­ance, I was off.  Fol­low­ing the tracks of the oth­er vehi­cles, I made it with­out get­ting stuck arriv­ing to the applause of the oth­ers!!  Next we learnt recov­ery and tow­ing bogged vehi­cles out of trou­ble.  After this, the day came to an end.  I had so much fun and enjoy­ment doing this course espe­cial­ly with every­one that attend­ed. We had a laugh, friend­ly ban­ter along the way but most of all we all enjoyed our­selves.  Much to the enjoy­ment of the oth­ers!!!! I had no voice by the end of the day.  A big thank you must go the Glenn and his team from  ISUZU UTE Wan­neroo for loan­ing us the 4 wheel dri­ves for the day. Sor­ry they got sandy Glenn!!!  The next thank you is to Glenn and Rose for run­ning the course.  You both made it so much fun and enjoy­able.  Thank you to every­one that was involved. Well done.

Nat God­win

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