Aussies 2020 Assault — Fundraising

Aussies 2020 Assault – Fundraising Working Group…

Are look­ing for inter­est­ing, fun, engag­ing and enjoy­able input and ideas on fundrais­ing activ­i­ties.

Large or small, indoor or out­door, active or pas­sive, cul­tur­al and arty or down­right Aussie, we will take them all and see how they can be built into the fundrais­ing dri­ve for The Aussies 2020.

We have the usu­al favourites on the list but write them down first and then dig deep into the grey mat­ter for the dif­fer­ent ideas you have been involved with or have expe­ri­enced. Every idea will be tabled!

Who do you know that we could approach to help us in rais­ing funds, sup­port­ing these efforts with prod­ucts or ser­vices?

Only a small win­dow to get your ideas in and seen by the Work­ing Group, please email them by Mon­day 17 June.

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