Youth Survivor Wind Up

Our ‘tribes’ had to make up a tribe name using the 17 let­ters of MULLALOOSLSCYOUTH, then paint their flag and don their war paint ready for chal­lenges such as: “I’m Hun­gry” dis­gust­ing food chal­lenge where they were asked to eat Ana­con­das Eye­balls and oth­er fun treats; “Slip­pery when wet” fill­ing up a con­tain­er using just a spoon; “Don’t Bug Me” fish­ing bugs out of jel­ly with their feet and oth­er excit­ing stuff!

Thanks to the par­ents who helped with the burg­er prepa­ra­tion to feed our starv­ing sur­vivors. Well done to our tribes!

Shout out to Aman­da Lee for organ­is­ing our Youth Sur­vivor Wind Up!

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