Volunteer of the Month — December

Spon­sors Edith Cow­an Uni­ver­si­ty are sup­port­ing a Vol­un­teer of the Month recog­ni­tion ini­tia­tive with our Club … Decem­ber stars are: Carl Mills, Simon Gid­ley, Dawn Jones and Pen­ny Fort­mann.

Dawn Jones – for her work in run­ning social events such as the Mel­bourne Cup but also for her sup­port of our surf sports as an offi­cial. Dawn offi­ci­at­ed at the Worlds in Ade­laide and had done 7 days offi­ci­at­ing in the last month alone.

Carl Mills – for his coach­ing of the Beachies team over the last >6 months which he has com­mit­ted to 4 days per week as a vol­un­teer. In addi­tion to this he has sort­ed teams and indi­vid­u­als for car­ni­vals this sea­son and prob­a­bly most impor­tant­ly, built a core group of ath­letes, some of whom wouldn’t still be mem­bers of the club if it wasn’t for his involve­ment and oth­ers wouldn’t be com­pet­ing in this field.

Pen­ny Fort­mann – has con­tributed a huge amount cov­er­ing the shop, coach­ing, social events and oth­er areas. Invalu­able at retail shop sell­ing and arrang­ing stock, spend­ing many hours as well as see­ing to oth­er vol­un­teer posi­tions.

  • Tier 6 Board Coach Mon­day 5–6pm
  • Tier 6 Board Coach Wednes­day 5–6pm
  • U8s Board Coach Sat­ur­day 8–9am
  • U9s Board Coach Sat­ur­day 9–10am
  • Shop Fri­day night and Sun­day morn­ing

Simon Gid­ley – for his con­tri­bu­tion in edu­ca­tion train­ing this year and the out­comes from that are adding to our core ser­vice.

  • Lead Train­er on Bronze 1
  • Train­ing Offi­cer (full time) on Bronze 2
  • Train­ing Offi­cer (part time) on Bronze 2B
  • Lead Train­er for 2 Nip­per Res­cue Cer­tifi­cates
  • Assist­ed on every requal

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