In con­junc­tion with an exter­nal provider, SLSWA are train­ing mem­bers to become accred­it­ed drone oper­a­tors. The drone is seen as an exten­sion of the patrolling capa­bil­i­ty of our surf life­sav­ing ser­vice and we are seek­ing expres­sions of inter­est from patrolling mem­bers who wish to become accred­it­ed as drone oper­a­tors. The pre-req­ui­sites for this are that you are 16 years of age or old­er with your Bronze Medal­lion and are a reg­u­lar patrolling mem­ber.

The train­ing itself con­sists of the com­ple­tion of some online learn­ing mod­ules (approx­i­mate­ly 4 – 6 hours to com­plete), then prac­ti­cal train­ing com­pris­ing of one mid-week evening and one full day on the fol­low­ing week­end. We are look­ing to com­mence the course in the week com­menc­ing 21/01/2019 with a tar­get two weeks to com­plete the sched­uled train­ing. After the train­ing is com­plet­ed, you will need to com­plete five hours fly­ing time with one of the exist­ing oper­a­tors in order to com­plete the qual­i­fi­ca­tion.  At this stage, the club has sev­en exist­ing oper­a­tors and we are want­i­ng to increase this so that each patrol has at least two drone oper­a­tors assigned to it. Until then, it is a con­di­tion of com­plet­ing this qual­i­fi­ca­tion that you will com­mit to becom­ing part of the exist­ing drone ros­ter. This may involve you oper­at­ing out­side of your cur­rent ros­tered patrol. Note that due to the gen­er­al sum­mer weath­er pat­tern, drone patrolling is gen­er­al­ly restrict­ed to (week­end) morn­ings.

If you meet the above cri­te­ria and are will­ing to com­mit to the require­ments, please email Tony Green­field.

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