Big Thanks for Extra Storage

A fan­tas­tic effort over the week­end with our mem­bers ral­ly­ing togeth­er to improve func­tion for oth­ers by sup­ply­ing their tools and knowl­edge.

The com­bined effort achieved the fol­low­ing:

  • Increase the res­cue board capa­bil­i­ty for Life Sav­ing and Youth
  • Put new cast­ers on the Nip­per racks to allow bet­ter access and wash­ing
  • Built a par­ti­tion wall near the IRB fuel area to to reduce envi­ron­ment con­t­a­m­i­na­tion. This has allowed the secured area where the motors were to have the Nip­pers equip­ment. The par­ti­tion sets an eas­i­er access to the Tents and less of a haz­ard
  • Effec­tive hang­ing of rakes, brooms and shov­els on the wall.
  • Trim­ming the club flag poles to uni­form lengths so they store more func­tion­al­ly.

Big THANKS to our mem­bers: Todd Bar­tle, Ayden Bar­tle, Darcey Brooks, Aron Cook, Josh Cook, Michelle Cook, Alis­tair Cook, Alex Upston, Rob­bie Payne, Chrissie Payne, Clay­ton Mil­lar, Julie Rap­ley, Cameron Rap­ley and Phill Dee.

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