RISE UP Camp Wrap!

Read what Darcey and Jett got up to at this years RISE UP Camp, 8–11 Jan­u­ary!

Board­ing the bus at surf house on Mon­day Jett and I only real­ly knew each oth­er but in a mat­ter of min­utes we had both made great friends with the oth­er 42 peo­ple we were about to spend the next 4 days with. 5 hours lat­er and we had arrived at Pem­ber­ton camp school, we set up our dorms before rac­ing around Pem­ber­ton as we com­plet­ed our first chal­lenge in our 3 teams.

After that, din­ner, a few hours of ARTC train­ing and a night trek, we head­ed to bed. 6AM wake up the next morn­ing was hard for some but it was tough luck if it was cause Blair had some “fun” morn­ing fit­ness planned for us. By the end of it I think we climbed up a wall at least 20 times, and some footy goal posts too but we were all pret­ty stoked with the bush brekky after­wards!

Then we got back into our groups for our first rota­tion. Jett had the Pem­ber­ton chal­lenge, and I had moun­tain biking..and let me tell you now..I DEFINITELY drew the short straw. While Jett was off play­ing with trucks and rope swings, I was get­ting up close and per­son­al with the grav­el. It was the last jump of the day before we head­ed off the prop­er tracks and it was option­al and I obvi­ous­ly did it – and I obvi­ous­ly didn’t do it well. I slipped off the side of it, bounced off the oth­er one, and then rolled down the hill like a Bowl­ing ball. I mean, must of been hilar­i­ous to watch, but the scratch­es, bruis­es and lat­er dis­cov­ered dis­lo­cat­ed shoul­der wasn’t too fun­ny. But I got back on, true Darcey style and I did all the oth­er tracks, and mirac­u­lous­ly only stacked it anoth­er 5 times! Then we head­ed to the lake for some team games and some 3 per­son canoe­ing.

A tip for any future rise up participants…when choos­ing the oth­er 2 peo­ple to go in the same canoe as you DO NOT choose boys…you will – guar­an­teed, spend more time cap­siz­ing than any­thing else! Lat­er we fin­ished off our ARTC train­ing and it was a great feel­ing know­ing we only had our assess­ment left. Woooohoooo!!!

Wednes­day, we did the oth­er two rota­tions of activities…and I’m pleased to say Jett had a much bet­ter moun­tain bik­ing expe­ri­ence than me, but I spent my ori­en­teer­ing activ­i­ty cud­dling baby kan­ga­roos so I won on that one. After the activ­i­ties were done, we all suc­cess­ful­ly passed our ARTC course! And to cel­e­brate we set up a huge slip and slide and every­one, includ­ing the lead­ers had fun being big kids down this mas­sive tarp, and after that we went to the nat­ur­al pool.

I found it amaz­ing how much enter­tain­ment 16 and 17 year olds get from push­ing each oth­er off pon­toons. The big day didn’t stop any­one from danc­ing like lunatics while we played surf-club musi­cal stat­ues all night, and after a few air hock­ey tour­na­ments, and one last stroll through the bush­es with the torch­es we were all pret­ty shat­tered and when we woke up at 6…we were all ecsta­t­ic to hear Tay­la was tak­ing morn­ing yoga instead of the dread­ed morn­ing fit­ness! Dur­ing this med­i­ta­tion ses­sion I dis­cov­ered that we could all actu­al­ly be silent for longer than 5 sec­onds! It was a mir­a­cle! After brekky, and a few trea­sure hunts it was time to hop back onto the bus. It was sad say­ing bye to all the new friends we had made, and it’s hard to believe the rela­tion­ships we had built with these peo­ple in just 4 days but it feels as if you have known them for years and know­ing we won’t see major­i­ty of them until Aussies, or even longer was tough but we couldn’t have asked for a bet­ter group to go to camp with and can’t wait for the rise up reunion in 2019!

Jett and I (I is Darcey, if you hadn’t fig­ured that out yet) just want to say a mas­sive thank you to Mul­laloo, SLSWA, Tay­la Tenaglia and all the oth­er camp lead­ers for the oppor­tu­ni­ty and yet anoth­er amaz­ing camp!!

Writ­ten by Darcey Brooks

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