Education Training Courses

Is any­one out there still want­i­ng to join the Bronze 1 course? The clos­ing date has been extend­ed to Fri­day 6 Octo­ber — so please reg­is­ter online via Rev­o­lu­tionise, before 6pm on 6/10/2017. The course begins Mon­day 16 Octo­ber, at 7pm in Train­ing Room 1 and the qual­i­fy­ing swim will be done before the first for­mal ses­sion.

Hur­ry, hur­ry, hur­ry! Nom­i­na­tions for the Bronze 2 course will close soon. Make sure you reg­is­ter your inter­est via Rev­o­lu­tionise. The course begins on Wednes­day 25 Octo­ber, at 7pm in Train­ing Room 1 and the qual­i­fy­ing swim will be done before the first for­mal ses­sion.

Many of the surf life­sav­ing cours­es now have an online com­po­nent, which requires each course par­tic­i­pant to have their own Mem­ber Por­tal account. Gen­er­al­ly, any online com­po­nent will need to be com­plet­ed either before the for­mal train­ing begins, or with­in a time lim­it as advised by the Lead Train­er of the par­tic­u­lar course. Each par­tic­i­pant will need to print a copy of the online learn­ing com­ple­tion cer­tifi­cate and give it to the Lead Train­er. An elec­tron­ic copy is accept­able, pro­vid­ed it is giv­en to the Lead Train­er by the spec­i­fied dead­line.

• Down­load the SLSA eLearn­ing User Guide

The Edu­ca­tion Cal­en­dar has been pre­pared until the end of the year – and the pro­gram for 2018 will be finalised in the next cou­ple of weeks. Mem­bers will need to reg­is­ter for their cho­sen course/s via the club’s online sys­tem being tri­alled this year (Rev­o­lu­tionise). Links on our Edu­ca­tion Cours­es & Dates page.

Mem­bers who have any queries regard­ing cours­es being con­duct­ed by the club should use the ded­i­cat­ed COURSES e-mail address, so we can keep track of and respond to, all queries in a more effi­cient man­ner.

Skills Maintenance

The Skills Main­te­nance dates have been post­ed. Note there is a change for the first Dry ses­sion, which has been resched­uled to Tues­day 10 Octo­ber.

You will also see there is a new sys­tem in place this year – to help spread the load and hope­ful­ly make the process more effi­cient.

Please send any queries to the ded­i­cat­ed PROFICIENCY e-mail address, so that the rel­e­vant peo­ple can effec­tive­ly man­age them.

General Education matters

There is a gen­er­al EDUCATION e-mail address for any mat­ters not cov­ered by the Pro­fi­cien­cy or Cours­es e-mails. This e-mail is used for the man­age­ment of all things Edu­ca­tion.

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